The future of AI in Marketing

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The future of AI in Marketing

The realm of marketing is vast. A thorough understanding of current social trends and technology are necessary for a marketer to be effective.

While half the job is data-driven, the other half requires the intervention of a marketer. Tasks such as analyzing your target audience, understanding demographics and determining purchase intent require marketers to consider micro and macro perspectives of human behavior.


The influx of AI into these systems can empower marketers with insights to make simpler and cost-effective decisions on ad-spend. In this regard, here are some of the technological advancements and innovations that have caught the attention of global marketing eco-space.

Third platform technologies” have been one of the revolutionary innovations of the decade. They are a system of machines capable of interreacting with each other like no other. Devices in mobile computing, social media, cloud computing, big data, and IoTs are interdependent on each other for data. With the help of this information, patterns are formulated to make real-time logical decisions with ease. Marketers can now drive customer acquisition and influencing the purchasing decision of customers.

With resource-intensive tasks such as this being automated, marketers will no longer have to spend much time on tasks such as data integration and can instead work on strategy.

To understand the impact of Artificial intelligence on marketing in its entirety, Trescon has organized the World AI Show. The show features thought leaders and tech experts in the industry speaking about the impact on AI on various sectors. Click here to know more.

Tapping into the psyche of your target audience and understanding human tendencies towards decision making, makes marketing an art. B2B and B2C companies are ensuring that they have a digital presence online because of these changing trends. Now that customers prefer to shop online, ads are more relevant when they are targeting their audience on this channel. This includes print media, radio, billboards and TV advertisements.

With a drastic shift in marketing efforts from offline to online channels, the collection of relevant data becomes vital. Among those companies that have chosen innovation strategy, 61% said that they are using AI to identify opportunities in data that would otherwise be missed.

AI not only helps marketers but also helps customers by showing them products that are linked to their preferences. This is done by collaborating natural language processing with predictive analysis showing customers similar products in that category and by giving markers insights they need to predict their audiences shopping behavior. This information empowers marketers to send AI curated marketing messages and content to their audience, streamlining their shopping experience.

The extent of the impact AI has on marketing is vast and the opinion of the industry experts and thought experts are the ones that matter.

Katie King

Katie King is one of the experts and a speaker at the World AI Show – Dubai. She is the author and CEO of AI in  Marketing, United Kingdom.  She will be talking about the state of AI in marketing and will be touching on topics such as:

  • How marketers can integrate AI into their work.
  • How AI can improve Customer Interactions?
  • Understanding AI’s impact on B2B buying habits and predictive lead scoring
  • Exploring AI’s role in revolutionizing Ad Campaigns

To view the entire agenda for the World AI Show – Dubai, click here.

The World AI Show makes its stop in Dubai on the 24th and 25th of March 2019. To know more about the event, to attend, book tickets or to participate in it, click here.

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