The future of AI in Marketing

The realm of marketing is vast. A thorough understanding of current social trends and technology are necessary for a marketer to be effective. While half the job is data-driven, the other half requires the intervention of a marketer. Tasks such as analyzing your target audience, understanding demographics and determining purchase intent require marketers to consider micro and macro perspectives of human behavior. [...]

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How Dubai is leading from the front in AI-Powered Predictive Policing?

For most of us, computerised law enforcement sounds like something of dystopian sci-fi. With technology advancement, many of the law enforcement agencies are already using algorithms to fight crime. A set of algorithms are designed to figure out where and when the crimes are likely to happen. This is called Predictive Policing. Preventing crime often [...]

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AI: The next edge in Law Enforcement

Intelligence is the main function of law enforcement and a critical resource for facilitating effective and efficient investigations. In today’s technology and data-driven society, there are ever more sources of information to aid data collection, and digital content is becoming a principal driver of police and intelligent investigations. Dubai Police are investing massively in Artificial [...]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is refining itself with each passing day, making itself more reliable and efficient as a tech that is leading the industrial revolution 4.0. It is no doubt that artificial intelligence, alongside machine learning and natural language processing is being fully utilised by the travel and tourism industry; to perform a variety of [...]

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