AI: The next edge in Law Enforcement

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AI: The next edge in Law Enforcement

Intelligence is the main function of law enforcement and a critical resource for facilitating effective and efficient investigations. In today’s technology and data-driven society, there are ever more sources of information to aid data collection, and digital content is becoming a principal driver of police and intelligent investigations.

Dubai Police are investing massively in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help predict crime and accidents, mitigate traffic congestion and even power Robocops.

According to this report from Reuters, Robocop “can help identify wanted criminals and collect evidence” and “will patrol busy areas in the city, as part of a government program aimed at replacing human crime-fighters with machines.”

The Dubai Police Force is hoping to substitute a quarter of its human cops with droid cops by 2030.

Should thoughts of a robot cop be terrorizing your imagination, rest guaranteed this is more of a policeman-shaped help-vestibule on wheels rather than a killer robot with a badge.

The uniformed bot cop may be able to read human faces and recognize possible criminals, but it disturbingly lacks normal human features such as a mouth, and its face is a white blanket of emptiness set with two darkly submerged eyes.

The first automatic policeman in the Middle East, the robot on wheels is fixed with cameras and facial recognition software.

The robots can analyse faces with a police database and flag matches to headquarters. It can read vehicle license plates and its video feed can help police lookout for risks such as abandoned bags in popular areas of Dubai.

The public can also talk to the robot to report a crime or interact with it using a touch screen computer installed in its chest.

Dubai Police will completely depend on AI in data-analytic services to predict crimes and traffic accidents by 2031. Officials are using AI to foretell crimes and traffic accidents. UAE will be a leading investor in AI, in most areas. Their sites will have robots, driverless vehicles and AI systems.

Dubai Police has signed a MoU with Indian startup ‘Staqu Technologies’ for its AI-based solution on ‘predictive policing’. This concept revolves around employing AI tools for controlling crimes before it occurs through practices that can interpret huge amounts of data from different sources in real-time and produce decision metrics. The Dubai Police aims to curb brutal crime by 25% before the end of 2021.

Ventures of the police in real-time are fraught with difficulties such as recognizing the criminals or predicting criminal activities based on such data and the lack of adequate technology that can extract and connect in real-time. This data is often classified as speech, image and pre-recorded non-uniform textual data about crime and criminals. Simple software algorithms are unable to help measure these complex data structures. It is here that AI assists. For instance, to detect an individual and his/ her chances of being associated with a crime can be predicted through a distinct set of hybrid AI technology, which combines distinct neural network models to process image, speech and text, to extract significant information in real-time and regulate it with the database, assisting in firm decision-making.

Through the juxtaposition of these data points in real time, the police can efficiently predict parameters linked to crime with a higher accuracy rate, which has been challenging to achieve with current intelligence measures. Also, having an AI-based database would resolve problems stemming from the repeated transfer of police ‘, officials, who have to start afresh each time they go to a new place.

Trescon’s World AI Show, Dubai Edition that was held in April 2018 was supported by Dubai Police who also attended the event.

Mohammed Saleem, Chief Executive Officer of Trescon, said that the show was a requirement in the untapped market, which was seeing systematic growth in particular sectors alone. “When we talk about innovative technologies like AI, Machine Learning and RPA, it is very evident that Middle East is leading the global race, and has become a global point of reference. However, there are various sectors like Supply Chain, Public Transportation and Renewable Energy that could help UAE save millions of dollars annually, and only using these innovative technologies will help. We look forward to addressing them and much more in World AI Show” he added further.


This year, World AI Show is being held in Dubai again on 24th – 25th of March. To know more about our event, click here.


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